Group, Corporate and Incentive Trips

What can we do for team building for our staff?   How can we reward those who do an exceptional job at work?   How can we provide incentives for our employees to go above and beyond the call of duty?  How can we get to know our fellow employees better while having a fun retreat.

What fun to go on a ski/snowboard trip! You can’t help but have a wonderful time, get to see your fellow employees in a different light and learn new skills. Good managers and business owners think about ways to increase productivity all the time.   We have lots of groups who join our regular trips and also groups who would prefer their own bus for a ski trip and prefer to customize their trip.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Offer a ski/snowboard trip to your employees whom you want to reward. They can pay their own package or the company can partially reimburse them. If you have enough people (you can also include family and friends), you can have your own bus, depart whenever you want and from wherever you want, and you can plan your own activities or we can plan them for you. We can also arrange for lessons, races, snowshoeing and other activities. Usually for your own bus, we suggest 40 people. However, we have provided buses for as few as 18 people  (the cost will just be higher).

2. Offer a ski/snowboard trip as an incentive for work well done. Then we could provide a gift certificate to the employee(s) of your choice who can travel on one of our trips that we already have listed. We have trips going almost every weekend from Thanksgiving until April 5th.

3. Offer a team building day trip. We can arrange the trip to Sunrise or Snowbowl in Arizona. Leave early morning and return at a time of your choosing.  The day could be strictly skiing/snowboarding/tobogganing and a group lunch; you could do a fun obstacle course or scavenger hunt; you could have a “fun” lecture on what you learned from the activity you chose; and much more.

4. Offer a team building 2-3 day trip to Sunrise, Snowbowl,  Telluride or Durango.  Specific activities can be arranged which will be memorable and really help your “team” bond while having a fabulous time. We would provide a customized package for your group

There are many other ideas that we have and would like to share with you. If you are interested in discussing or brainstorming with us, please let us know. We can be reached at 602-992-9394, you can respond to this blog, or email us at
We specialize in customizing trips to suit your needs.
Lee and John

About Lee and John

Lee and John met on an Alpine Ski Club trip 10 years ago. As they discussed what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives, they thought if Gerry and Doris (who were the original owners of Alpine Ski Club) ever wanted to sell the company, that it would be perfect for them. Both of them love helping people, skiing, adventure, travelling and learning. They approached the Clynes and two years later, they were the proud owners of Alpine Ski Club. They added the "and Adventure Tours." It is everything they ever thought it would be and even more. Hearing members talk about how much they love the club and getting so many referrals, makes them feel good and the fact that they work hard at keeping the prices affordable and offering the best product that they can, is greatly appreciated by their members.