Gearing up for the 2011-12 Ski/Snowboard Season

It is hot and it’s going to get hotter and humid and the last thing most people think of now is skiing and snowboarding. Correct? Not. Well, if you’re thinking of snow, then come and join us in Chile. Otherwise, what we’re doing now is reviewing all of last year’s trips, reading over the questionnaires which we sent out after each ski trip and working at figuring out the trips that our members would like to go on next season.

Challenge 1:
Our challenges are to keep the prices down so we can offer trips at affordable prices. One member said to us “thanks for keeping the prices so affordable. If you didn’t do that , we wouldn’t be able to go on a ski vacation this year.” This is so important to us. Keeping the prices as low as possible, finding accommodations that you will all like and providing fun, hassle-free trips “. There is so much more we want to do for you, and we try to do our best while keeping prices down.

Challenge 2:
Another challenge is to have a good blend of trips. Each year we have tried to offer some trips that are different but then find out that we don’t have many people sign up for them…until the last minute. Unfortunately, we can’t wait until the last minute. Our lodging companies need to know how many rooms we need so they can sell them if we’re not going to use them. They like at least 30 days prior to a trip for us to tell them what we need. Most of our trips fill up but the occasional trip that doesn’t, we vacillate between our decision to go or not to go. It’s a tough decision to be in. We don’t want to disappoint our members and usually end up going if we have 20 or more members…even if it means taking a loss. Our members are too important to us.

Challenge 3:
You’ll notice that we say our members are like our extended family. We mean it. We have made many wonderful friends from our members. A great number of our “guests” are repeats. We love hearing from people who have gone on our trips and have only positive things to say about us. We work hard at pleasing our members. That’s why we always ask for your comments during and after our trips. We don’t know what you think unless you tell us.

Challenge 4:
Our trip captains are trained to give the ultimate in customer service. However, they can’t read minds (if you know how they can do that, please let us know), nor do they have eyes in the back of their heads so they can’t see everything that is happening. That means that you’ll have to let them know if there is anything they can do for you. That is what they are there for.

Challenge 5:
Occasionally things won’t happen how we want them to. It happens…that’s life. The challenge is making lemonade out of lemons. We had a bus breakdown on the Indian Reservation. Instead of wallowing in pity, our members mingled, played cards, and got to know each other. Then the store owner came out, brought drinks for everyone, and invited us to join them to play volleyball. We had seniors and teenagers, and all ages playing volleyball. Then after that they brought out a basketball and we all played. Many new friendships were formed that trip. We finally reached our destination in the middle of the night and came back with many fun stories to tell.

Challenges make life interesting. All we can do is do our best. We appreciate all your feedback on how much you all enjoy the trips. Because of all of you and all of your comments, we will continue to provide a level of trips that we hope you will all enjoy and tell all your friends.

Thanks for all of you who are already Alpine Ski Club members, all our friends and acquaintances who have not yet been on one of our trips, and all of you who have just found out about us.

About Lee and John

Lee and John met on an Alpine Ski Club trip 10 years ago. As they discussed what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives, they thought if Gerry and Doris (who were the original owners of Alpine Ski Club) ever wanted to sell the company, that it would be perfect for them. Both of them love helping people, skiing, adventure, travelling and learning. They approached the Clynes and two years later, they were the proud owners of Alpine Ski Club. They added the "and Adventure Tours." It is everything they ever thought it would be and even more. Hearing members talk about how much they love the club and getting so many referrals, makes them feel good and the fact that they work hard at keeping the prices affordable and offering the best product that they can, is greatly appreciated by their members.