Welcome to Alpine Ski Club and Adventure Tour’s Blog

Hi Alpine Ski Club Members and Friends:

We are starting a blog to keep you updated on Alpine Ski Club and Adventure Tours.  We are a tour operator and trip wholesaler who offer trips to our members and corporate groups.  This will be our 42nd year of offering trips.  Most of our trips include transportation, 3 nights lodging and 3 day lift ticket.We also include a sandwich on the way home.   Our goal is to provide fun, affordable, hassle-free vacations for people of all ages.  We want those who go on our trips to come back and tell us that they had an amazing time and couldn’t believe how we are able to offer trips at such a low price.

A lot of our popularity is because of our wonderful trip captains.  When we run  a trip, each bus has a trip captain in charge.  In addition to taking care of those on our buses, they also make sure that those who drive or fly up are well taken care of.  Yes,  if you want to drive or fly to your destination, we will take care of your package  of lodging and lift tickets as well.

Tonight we had our trip captain end of the year party.  We have 18 amazing  trip  captains.  Many have been with us for over 15 years and some as long as 28 years.  They are the best group that I have had the pleasure to know.  In addition to answering questions and keeping our members informed of what to expect, they really care about our members.  We are lucky to have them as part of our team.  Many have significant others who act as their “sherpas” (helpers.) I hope you have the pleasure of meeting these wonderful people.

This summer we will be working on our trips for next year.  We are always open to suggestions.  Telluride is our main mountain yet we also have many winter trips to Durango.  Another annual trip is to Chile, which will be August 1st – 11th this summer (Winter for them).  Of course, Sunrise is a weekly day trip and other trips to Taos, Utah and Vail will be offered next season.  We’ll be looking into other destinations as well.

We love questions and welcome phone calls or emails.  Also check out our facebook fan page.

About Lee and John

Lee and John met on an Alpine Ski Club trip 10 years ago. As they discussed what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives, they thought if Gerry and Doris (who were the original owners of Alpine Ski Club) ever wanted to sell the company, that it would be perfect for them. Both of them love helping people, skiing, adventure, travelling and learning. They approached the Clynes and two years later, they were the proud owners of Alpine Ski Club. They added the "and Adventure Tours." It is everything they ever thought it would be and even more. Hearing members talk about how much they love the club and getting so many referrals, makes them feel good and the fact that they work hard at keeping the prices affordable and offering the best product that they can, is greatly appreciated by their members.