Preparing for our Adventure in Chile

Alpine Ski Club and Adventure Tours 2010-2011 Ski Season is almost over. You notice that I said “almost.” That’s because we have one more trip of the season. That’s our trip to Chile to ski the first week of August. This is what makes Alpine Ski Club truly an adventure touring company.

Our first 10 people reserved the trip by the deadline and were able to take advantage of our amazing low priced package. If you view other touring companies, their cost without airfare is what we’re charging for our whole package. We work hard at keeping our prices as low as possible for our members. However, if you have airline or credit card award points, we can still get you a great price for everything but airfare.

Chile just had another snowfall and the ski season hasn’t even started yet. With two new lifts at Termas de Chillan, there will be even more terrain open. As it is, it is over 5 times the size of Vail.

MI Lodge, where we’ve stayed for the last 4 years has attained the international rating of Superior Lodge. I can’t tell you the feeling it is coming in for a fabulous franco-chillean meal (yes, breakfast and dinner are included) and seeing people from all around the world. This year I took some Spanish lessons. At MI Lodge, the languages spoken are Spanish and French and be prepared to hear many more languages as their guests are from all around the world. Spanish is the main language in Chile and I’m determined to communicate in Spanish…although many Chilleans can understand and speak English.

This is our 5th year travelling to Chile to ski in August and each year we add new things to our itinerary. We already have people committed to the trip in 2012 so if you’re at all interested, please remember to book early. We’d hate to disappoint you as several people were this year as they called us after the airfare was released.

About Lee and John

Lee and John met on an Alpine Ski Club trip 10 years ago. As they discussed what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives, they thought if Gerry and Doris (who were the original owners of Alpine Ski Club) ever wanted to sell the company, that it would be perfect for them. Both of them love helping people, skiing, adventure, travelling and learning. They approached the Clynes and two years later, they were the proud owners of Alpine Ski Club. They added the "and Adventure Tours." It is everything they ever thought it would be and even more. Hearing members talk about how much they love the club and getting so many referrals, makes them feel good and the fact that they work hard at keeping the prices affordable and offering the best product that they can, is greatly appreciated by their members.